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WiMesh: A Wireless Communication System for Emergency Response.

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):
Air University, Islamabad
Principal Investigator (PI):
Dr. Usman Ashraf
Project Details:
Start Date 01-Sep-2013
Duration 16 months
Budget PKR 12.62 million
Status Closed Project
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Thematic Area Telecommunication
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Executive Summary

The project focused on creating an auto-configuring, self-healing, rapidly-deployable wireless network and designing software to provide an efficient, multi-purpose wireless communication system which is tailored to support emergency response teams. The WI Mesh system comprised of a two-tier, architecture. The first tier comprised of portable, powerful, battery-powered, multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh nodes which are equipped with antennas to create the backbone wireless mesh infrastructure. The second tier of WI Mesh comprised of Wi-Fi equipped mobile handheld phones carried by rescue workers. The mobile sets are automatically connected with the nearest mesh node through Wi-Fi and enable the workers to communicate and coordinate with other team members.