Dos and Don'ts - National Incubation Center




Note: These Dos and Don’ts are provided for general guidance and it is the sole responsibility of the bidder to follow all the instructions given in the RFP document. In case of any conflict and/or inconsistency between any statements, terms or provisions contained in the Dos and Don’ts document and the RFP document, the RFP document shall prevail. National ICT R&D Fund will carry no responsibility of any misinterpretation on the bidder’s part.




Make sure that every item in the checklist is marked either  or , in accordance with the requirements of proposal being submitted by the potential bidders.

Do not leave any item of the given checklist blank or unmarked.

Submit filled copy of checklist with Technical Proposal.

Do not submit single proposal for multiple cities.

If applying for more than one city, please submit separate proposals for each city and submit all mandatory documents separately with each original proposal.

Do not submit proposals after specified date and time mentioned in the respective RFP.

Sign & stamp every page of the Technical & Financial proposal before submission.

Do not include soft copy or hard copy of  Financial proposal in envelop of Technical Proposal.

Submit sealed proposals on or before the time & date mentioned in RFP document of each city.

Do not submit incomplete Proposals.

Submit the hard copy & soft copy of Technical and Financial proposals in their respective envelops i.e.,


Envelop # 1:

Should have both hard copies (one marked as Original & one marked as Copy) and soft copy of the Technical Proposal (Envelope shall clearly bear the name of relevant “City”)


Envelop # 2:

Should have hard copy and soft copy of the Financial Proposal.(Envelope shall clearly bear the name of relevant “City”)


Do not submit photocopies of affidavit in  Technical Proposal marked as Original.

Do not submit only one affidavit in support of point # 3 & 4 of the Annexure B of RFP document.

Submission of the Original Technical Proposal along with Soft Copy in CD/DVD in Envelop # 1 is mandatory.

In Financial Proposal, do not quote prices in  any currency other than Pak Rupees.

The soft copy of the Technical Proposal should preferably be in one PDF file. Whereas, the soft copy of the Financial Proposal must be in MS Excel Format.

Do not provide financial proposal information in the technical proposal.

Submit separate Original affidavits as required in point # 3 & 4 of Annexure B of the RFP document. Affidavits should be of PKR. 100 each and should not be older than one month from the time of submission of the proposal.


The financial bid should be quoted in Pak Rupees inclusive of all applicable taxes.