FAQ - National Incubation Center

FAQ document is being prepared on the basis of questions arising from potential bidders and shall be revised & finalized by 25th January, 2017. Final version of FAQ document will be available for downloading on the said date at www.ictrdf.org.pk/nicrfp 


These FAQs are provided for general guidance and it is the sole responsibility of the bidder to follow all the instructions given in the RFP document. In case of any conflict and/or inconsistency between any statements, terms or provisions contained in the FAQ document and the RFP document, the RFP document shall prevail. National ICT R&D Fund will carry no responsibility of any misinterpretation on the bidder’s part.





1. Question:  Where from we can download the RFP document?

Answer:  The RFP document can be downloaded from following link: www.ictrdf.org.pk/nicrfp 


 2. Question: What is the deadline to submit the proposals?

Answer:  The date to submit the proposals against each RFP is 08 March, 2017, however, RFP submission time for each is as follows:


National Incubation Center – Peshawar

March 08, 2017 01:00PM

National Incubation Center – Karachi

March 08, 2017 02:00PM

National Incubation Center – Quetta

March 08, 2017 03:00PM

National Incubation Center – Lahore

March 08, 2017 04:00PM


3. Question:  Can a bidder apply for more than one city for establishment and management of National Incubation Center (e.g., Karachi & Lahore or any other combination)?

Answer:  Yes, there is no such restriction in applying for more than one city, however, a separate proposal against each RFP is required to be submitted.


4. Question: Is there any limitation on award of more than one contract to any one bidder?

Answer: There is no such limitation. The proposal against each RFP will be evaluated separately as per merit and thus there is a chance that a bidder can win more than one contract on merit.


5. Question: Are there any mandatory criteria that bidders have to fulfill?

Answer:  Yes. The mandatory requirements are mentioned in Annexure B and checklist of the RFP Document. Bidders are required to furnish all required documents with each proposal. The proposals of those bidders who fail to fulfill the mandatory eligibility criteria will be rejected and not considered for further evaluation.


6. Question: What is the Technical Evaluation Criteria?

Answer:  The Technical Evaluation Criteria is available in each RFP document under Evaluation Criteria clause/section 15.4.


7. Question:  What is the minimum score required to pass the Technical Evaluation Stage?

Answer:  The total score of Technical Evaluation Stage is 108. Minimum score to pass the Technical Evaluation is 81 i.e. 75% of the total score.Proposals failing to attain minimum score will not be evaluated further and their financial bid will be returned unopened. Only those proposals who will obtain passing sore will be eligible for further evaluation.


8. Question: Will bidders be informed about opening of Technical & Financial Proposals?

Answer:  The date & time of Technical Bid opening for each city is specified in respective RFP document. Thus bidders are required to remain informed about timelines as specified in respective RFP document. However, the schedule of opening of financial proposals will be communicated to those bidders who have secured minimum 75% marks in technical evaluation. Technically qualified bidders will be contacted for participation in financial bid opening as per contact information provided in their respective proposal(s).


9. Question: What is weightage of Technical & Financial Evaluations?

Answer:  The weightage of Technical & Financial Evaluations is 80% and 20% respectively. The total score will be calculated as:











10. Question:  Which bidding procedure will be followed?

Answer:  As per Public Procurement Rules 2004, the Single Stage-Two envelop procedure will be followed for accepting & evaluation of the bids. The rule is available on PPRA website and is also attached as Annexure A of respective RFP documents.


11. Question:  Is there any bid security to be submitted with Proposals?

Answer:  No


12. Question: Is there any performance guarantee to be submitted along with proposals?

Answer:  No


13.   Question: Can we apply in consortium/partnership/JV etc.? If yes, please specify the required documentation for mandatory eligibility criteria?

Answer:  Yes. We expect one party as lead partner and mandatory eligibility documents of the same are required for evaluation.


14.   Question: Can a bidder be part of a separate consortium for more than one city?

Answer Yes, there is no such restriction. A bidder can make a consortium with other partners for more than one city.


15.   Question: Is there any provision for mobilization advance?

Answer:  Overall it is a reimbursement model, however, mobilization advance may be provided as per mutual agreement of both parties.


16.    Question: Can successful bidder make financial changes in and between the financial heads of the approved budget?

Answer: Limited changes in and between financial heads supported by plausible justification may be approved.