Funded Projects

Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platforms

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):
Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar
Principal Investigator (PI):
Dr. Masoom Alam, Dr. Xinwen Zhang
Project Details:
Start Date 01-Oct-2008
Duration 24 months
Budget PKR 11.95 million
Status Closed Project
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Publications N/A
Thematic Area Telecommunication
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Executive Summary

The project designed and developed a remote attestation technique to meet the heterogeneous needs of modern societies primarily relying on the information processing infrastructure, built on mobile platforms. It also brought the benefits of remote attestation – an essential part of Trusted Computing – to mobile platforms and developed a usage control application that was attested as trustworthy by a remote platform. This was a novel work in its own right and was on the cutting edge of research related to Trusted Computing. It developed the prototype on mobile platforms using open source technologies and allowed free distribution of new changes. It delivered the dynamic remote attestation in heterogeneous environments, and enabled trust on mobile platforms to leverage remote attestation. In short, the project benefitted all major sectors of industry including telecom, e-government, and health-care.