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Design and development of Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMR) for disaster mitigation and firefighting

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):
PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
Principal Investigator (PI):
Dr. Bilal Kadri
Project Details:
Start Date 01-Apr-2016
Duration 24 Months
Budget Rs.14,673,376
Status On Going Project
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Publications N/A
Thematic Area Security
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Executive Summary

The past records indicate a high frequency of disasters of multiple nature and magnitudes as experienced by Pakistani nation. These disasters include industrial fires, terrorism, floods and earthquakes. The industrial sector of Pakistan is huge and consist of myriad industrial units ranging from cement manufacturing, dying units, steel, glass, paints and many others in which heavy machinery is utilized. Due to the ad-hoc nature of the industrial setup and absence of stringent rules and regulations governing the installation and commissioning of boilers, heaters and many other electro-mechanical equipment, accidents are frequent. In most of the cases the accidents no matter what the cause leads to fire. The firefighting department, in most Pakistani cities is unable to provide immediate support for extinguishing the fire. Quick and effective rescue operation cannot be guaranteed due to many unavoidable reasons. Firefighting is a dangerous job which in certain situations may lead to severe casualties of the work force involved. The scope of the project is to develop a group of intelligent cooperative firefighting and disaster mitigation mobile robots which can perform critical operations in adverse circumstances and hazardous environments. Mobile robots will be developed that can be included as a work force in the firefighting department. The IMRs will be built in-house and will also be available for local industries/hospitals/offices. The intelligent mobile robots will be able to execute a mission (e.g. object detection in a complex terrain, surveying, trajectory following etc) by incorporating intelligent techniques and robust control algorithms. The mobile robots will be equipped with all the modern sensing and communication devices with onboard computational capabilities. Intelligent mobile robots having the following features: • Detection and extinguishing the fire • Intelligent behavior such as object detection, target tracking, collision avoidance • Formation movement of a group of robots • Autonomous and manual control