Funded Projects

A Pervasive Healthcare Testbed for Optimized Monitoring of Medical Date Services

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Principal Investigator (PI):
Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Hussain
Project Details:
Start Date 17-Oct-2016
Duration 18 months
Budget PKR 8.72 million
Status On Going Project
Progress Report N/A
Publications N/A
Thematic Area Health
Project Website http://lahore.comsats.
Executive Summary

The project presents the development of “A Pervasive Healthcare Testbed for Optimized Monitoring of Medical Data Services” using novel optimized priority assignment mechanism. The proposed work will dynamically schedule different types of data flows based on their time critical nature. It will smartly assign priority to individual data packets rather to a particular service or flow by continuously monitoring queuing delay providing guaranteed end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) without invoking any congestion control and avoidance mechanism. The proposed Healthcare system is focused to provide quality of life in chaotic medical situations in Pakistan. The objective is to closely monitor the existing healthcare services and ICT systems, if any, in Pakistan to come up with a robust solution. The design of the proposed system consists of different modules. The remote patient-monitoring module will transmit the data to medical data center for record keeping, interactive response, alerts, and predictive behavior analysis. The optimized priority assignment module will forward the time critical data to the medical data center for timely response of healthcare experts. The knowledge creation module is also part of the data center to perform various algorithmic analysis and predictions. The medical professionals will be provided with smart handhelds equipped with interactive healthcare application for continuous monitoring, data access and control. The proposed system will not only improve the healthcare standards enhancing the quality of life of common people but will also provide opportunity for investment in the medical field by contributing towards the technological advancement. There is a great market need of such an application in Pakistan as many donor agencies are encouraging enhancements in healthcare standards through ICTs. The prototype developed as a result of this project can be deployed in different public and private sector hospitals meeting their needs.