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Technical R&D Projects

The National ICT R&D Fund has provided funding for the the successful execution of following projects.

Full list of approved projects is given as under. Click on Thematic Classification to get category-wise classification of these projects.

1. Design and Development of a Low Cost GSM Transceiver
2. Enabling Green Video Streaming over Internet of Things
3. Development of software for site specific and economical crop production technology for various categories of farmers and its dissemination to the end user through web, Call Centre, and SMS
4. A Multicore Re-Configurable Processor Platform for Energy & Throughput Aware Platform
5. An integrated Toolset for Model-based Testing of Industry-Scale Software Systems
6. WiMesh: A Wireless Communication System for Emergency Response
7. Development of an Efficient Watermarking System for Information Hiding and Protection of DNA Sequences
8. Design and Implementation of an Experimental Platform for Cooperative Cognitive Communication Networks
9. Smart Intelligence - An OCR Engine for Android Smart Phone
10. RFID based Security System with Strong Authentication and Encryption (RSSAE)
11. Development & Assessment of Crowd-sourcing based Assessment System
12. Automatic Monitoring and Detection System (AMDS) for Grey Traffic
13. Design, Development​t and Deployment of an Open source Mineral resource Mapping, Modeling and Management System
14. Enabling Information Access through Mobile based Urdu Spoken Dialog Systems & Screen Reader
15. Design and Development of an FPGA-Based Multi-Scale Face Recognition System
16. Tool for Improvement of Cohesiveness in Emotive Writing
17. Development of a Net Enabled Retinal Image Analysis & Screening System for Grading & Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy and its Integration in i-telemedicine System
18. Computer Aided Sperm Analysis System
19. High-Quality Tele-Medicine-Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrates
20. Standard Compliant Electronic Medical Record and Device Interoperability Framework
21. Design and Development of Opportunistic Large Array Networks for Smart Grid Communications
22. Extensible Access Control Framework for Cloud Based Applications
23. Cross Domain Access Control and Delegation in Enterprise Applications (CDACDEA)
24. Development of Type-2 Hypervisor for MIPS64 Based Systems
25. Dengue Epidemic Surveillance Modeling, Visualization, and Response Management System
26. Multimodal Sensing Enabled Real-time Intelligent Wireless Camera Networks for Secure Spaces
27. Dielectric Characterization for Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Applications using Microwave Techniques
28. Crop estimation and Geographic mapping system (CEGMaS)
29. Development of Flaw Diagnosis/ Dimensioning/ Prognostics Algorithms for improvement of In-Country Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Capabilities
30. Real Time Automated Broadcast Monitoring and Information Exploitation System
31. Towards the Next Generation Java Messaging Library for High-end Computing
32. Design and Development of Hybrid IPv4 & IPv6 Network for QoS Enabled Video Streaming Multicast Application
33. Intra-cardiac Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Display (ISAAD) System for Electro-Physiology
34. Detecting Covert Links in Instant Messaging Networks using Flow Level Log Data
35. Intelligent Routing in Inter-Carrier (class 4) Operation Support Systems (OSS)
36. Design and Development of Application-Specific FPGA/Reconfigurable Hardware Generator
37. Intelligent Fault and Performance Management in Telecommunication Networks
38. Efficient and Secure Provisioning of IMS Based Next Generation Network Multimedia Services
39. Simulation and Control of the Underground Coal Gasification Process
40. Public Data Sharing Platform for Chemical Biology and Related Informatics Components
41. A Secure and Intelligent Transportation System Using Wireless Sensors for Congestion Control
42. Design and Prototyping of a Software Defined Network Architecture to Detect and Prevent Real- Time BOTNET Attacks
43. Design and Implementation of a Prototype for a Secure Billing Framework with Real Time Detection of Malicious End Node Connections using Wireless Sensor Network
44. Urdu Nastalique Optical Character Recognition System
45. MapReduce++: Simplified Processing of Unstructured Data on Large Computing Clouds
46. Safety Assurance in High Stress Environments
47. Anti Money Laundering Modeling Software
48. Mobile and Electronic Trade for Pakistan
49. Conversion of NGOSS Compliant, Web 2.0 Enabled and Open Source SaaS based CRM and Development of BI System for TELCOS
50. Semantic Search and Filtering for Talent Hunting
51. Integrated Scholastic Learning System
52. Towards Self-Managing Energy Systems in Buildings
53. A Multi View Imaging (MVI) Processing Platform: Real Time Panoramic Mosaic Generation
54. Semantics based Web Application Security
55. Flexible, Reconfigurable and Power Adaptive Power Amplifiers for wireless communication
56. 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy for Healing Brain Tumors in Children
57. Development of An Intelligent Forecasting System for Pakistan WAPDA using Machine Learning Techniques
58. Arrhythmia and Sudden Death Syndrome Detection Hybrid Network Based Telemedicine System
59. Development of a Tele-Surgical Training Robot and Simulator
60. Development of A Multi-Standard Signal Processing API for SDR Applications
61. Dynamic Bandwidth Aggregation in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for Mission Critical Applications
62. Performance and Functionality Enhancement of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
63. Constrained Intents: Extending Android Security for Intent Policies (EASIP)
64. Information System for Early Fault Warning in Automotives
65. Power Aware Video Coding For Extending Battery Life in Portable and Mobile Devices
66. Design and Verification of Low-Power, High-Speed IP Suite for Universal Serial Bus (USB 3.0)
67. Mobile Data Communication Device
68. Real Time Implementation of H.264 Decoder for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures
69. Automatic Personal Identification Biometrics System (APIBS) for Large Scale Applications
70. Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platforms
71. Health Life Horizon: Design and Implementation of Health Level 7 (HL7) Open Source Application for e-health Services
72. Conversion of NGOSS Compliant, Web 2.0 Enabled Mediator, Rater and Biller Applications
73. Development of Open Source Cell Library for MEMS Components Verified Through Modeling and Simulation
74. End-to-end Mobility Management Framework (EMF) for Multihomed Mobile Devices
75. An Intelligent Secure Kernel for Next Generation Mobile Computing Devices
76. Network-Embedded Security using In-Network Packet Marking
77. Massively Parallel Fingerprint Recognition System for Performing Multi-Million Matches per Second
78. Technical Development for Automation of Banking System for Microfinance Banks
79. Clarity - Open source Enterprise Management System
80. Adaptive English Language Teaching Tool
81. Development of Open Source HMI
82. Campus Career Portals
83. Real Time MIMO and Cooperative MIMO Systems Test-bed for Wireless Broadband Systems
84. Software Defined Radio Development using Network-on-Chip based Rapid Prototyping Platform
85. Investigating Wavelet based Video Coding and Video Conference Applications
86. Remote Patient Monitoring System with Focus on Antenatal Care for Rural Population
87. Design and Development of an Open Source Enterprise Network Security System
88. Design and Implementation of the Core Components of the 4th Generation Telecom Infrastructure
89. A Bio-inspired Self-defending Security Framework for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
90. An Artificial Immune System Based General Purpose Intrusion Detection System
91. Integration of Open Source Software Projects in IT Education
92. Characterization, Evaluation, and Development of High Performance Network Services on
Multi-Core Architectures
93. A Low Cost Ultrasound Training Simulator